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About us

Way back in 1939, a leading practitioner of Ayurveda, Shri.P.S.Kesavan Vaidyan set up a pharmacy to aid his practice. As was the custom of those days, leading Ayurvedic physicians used to manufacture medicine for use in their clinical practice in the same premises under their vigilant eye.

The growing demand for his medicines made Shri.P.S.Kesavan Vaidyan, think in terms of a large scale-manufacturing unit. This was the beginning of the SD Pharmacy group, today a highly diversified group of companies.

SD Pharmacy’s processing facility is with staff having rich experience, some of them with 20/30 years in the same facility.

Still SD Pharmacy considers its traditions sacred. In spite of the advent of most modern quality control methods and materials, we still believe in the traditional sensory Quality Control. We employ sense of smell, taste and naked eye examination of consistency in addition to modern scientific lab QC methods.

SD Pharmacy has a very long product line up of over 350 products. Liquids, pastes, powders and pills constitute traditional preparations. Modern tableting facility at its sister concern, Oriental Medicine Private Limited produces modern tablets which share shelf space along with the traditional pills.


Keraleeyam, SD Pharmacy’s Ayurvedic rejuvenation and therapy centre is located at the heart of Kerala’s famed backwaters. This location is one of the 50 must see exotic destinations listed by the National Geographic Travel Magazine. Keraleeyam offers Ayurvedic rejuvenation and therapy in a pleasant ambience far removed from the clinical feel of a hospital
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