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Aphrodisiac (sexual stimulant) for men

Recently comprehensive scientific studies have been conducted to assess the clinical efficacy of Mucuna Pruriens seeds, used as a sexual stimulant (aphrodisiac) in Ayurveda for several centuries.

The results have been astounding and a boon to mankind

The studits were conducted by Dr.Sachin Saxena and Dr. V.K. Dixit of the Dept. of pharmacology of Dr. H. S. Gour University, Sagar.

The Following are the highlights of the findings of the study

1. With 20 days usage Mucunapruriens improved male sperm count by16.66%
2. The weight of testes increased by 2.5%
3. In testicular cross section the number of spermatids [predecessors of spermatozoa] increased by a significant extent.
4. The performance of pitutory glands and cells of leydig improved substantially.
5. The level of testosterone [male sex hormone] was increased substantially.
6. Two alkaloids namely ‘prurieninine’ and ‘prurienidine’ were the active ingredients
behind the clinical activity.

Due to the significant improvement of natural testosterone levels sexual desire, drive and performance are improved significantly.

Due to the significant improvement in sperm count fertility is improved significantly.
Mucunapruriens, has ben proven to have absolutely no after effects, over hundreds of years of clinical use in Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Studies reveal that 8 to 12 weeks use ensure significant improvement in sexual desire, sexual drive and sexual performance.

“Dhathupushty” richly supplemented with mucuna pruriens seeds is now available in chewable tablet form.

Dosage is 2 tablets each in the morning & evening.
Recommended course is 8 to 12 weeks.

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