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Dhanwantharam Herbal Massage Oil

Main Ingredients And Their Action
Scientific Name Action

1. Sida rhombifolia - Penetrating with natural healing properties
2. Asparagus recemosus - Cooling effect to whole underlying tissues
3. Dolichos fiflorus - Improves blood circulation and free flow of energy
4. Rubia cordifolia - Removes colour change of skin
5. Stereospermum colais - Ease muscular tensions


Apply and massage with uniform pressure strokes and then wash off.If masseurs do the massage the duration can be extended upto one hour.Suitable for normal and pressure variation massages. Only for external use.

  • Tones Up Muscles
  • Improves Skin Complexion
  • Ease Muscular Tensions

A unique massage oil with a perfect blend of the extracts of different medicinal plants prepared as per 5000 years old Ayurveda tradition. The herbal nutritive ingredients in the oil nourishes, tones up muscels and thus the body feels released.

The herbs like Sida rhombifolia and Aegle marmelose in the massage oil, with high rate of cleansing property penetrate into underlying skin tissues, Expel toxins and impurities and restores skin metabolism. It helps to improve skin tone and complextion. It also improves blood circulation of the body.

The pleasant smell and silky nature of the oil makes it suitable for routine use. No artificial colour, synthetic perfumes, preservative or petrochemicals are used. So the oil is fully devoid of any deleterious after effects.

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